Artist Interview – Andrew Void


Andrew Void has built up an impressive list of credits to his name over the years and is showing no signs of slowing down. The 20 year old Los Angeles Based producer has had success with his solo projects on the streaming platforms as well as producer credits on tracks with such artists like KALLITECHNIS. With more projects in the making and a new album dropping in the near future, he’s here today so that we can get to know the bedroom producer a little better.

  1. These days it seems that producers are beginning younger and younger. When did you start producing music?

I just started playing around with FL Studios at around 12. This wasn’t anything serious, but it did give me a good foundation that later aided me into being able to create what I want to now. I probably started taking music and the scene more seriously when I was around 18. 

  1. Starting off a lot of musical artists played around with different genres and styles before finding their sound. What was your journey in finding what style fit you as an art 

Unfortunately the first genre that I had flocked towards when I was younger was Dubstep. I got really deep into that scene and that style was mainly what I produced for a decent portion of my earlier career. Luckily a couple years later I found Soulection which opened me up to creating more soulful sounds and widened my view on the musical scene. 

  1. Many people can credit their origins to certain influences growing up. Do you have any that impacted your creative style? 

I can’t think of particular musicians who influenced me, no. I’m more influenced by certain settings and moods.

  1. You’ve released a wide array of music across different aliases over the years, which do you think is your best of favorite song or project that you’ve put out?

I feel that as an artist my best work isn’t out yet. This idea is what keeps driving me to continue pushing myself to create more content and gives me a goal to strive for. But, as far as what is public right now, I’d say my single Contrast. I really enjoy that mood.

  1. What would your dream collaboration in the future be?

I’d love to produce something for SZA.

  1. Many kids when they’re younger have dreams of either becoming an astronaut, a vet, or president. What pushed you towards the music scene? 

It just came organically really. I was always fiddling with music in some way.

  1. What would you say has been the biggest inspiration for you going forward onto your next project? 

People around me that want to hear it. 

  1. When working on a new song, where do you usually start? 

Keys, synths, or whatever the ambiance is usually starts a new project for me. This starts whatever the highlight musical element is for that track.

Drums would usually come next.

  1. With the overwhelming amount of new musicians and producers coming onto the scene, especially with the growth of social media and how everyone is able to market themselves. How do you feel that you are able to stand out in the crowd and stay true to what you want to create?

I just always try to stay ahead of what’s going on around me, especially locally. Developing a sense of true quality and knowing when to scrap a project is key. Most people in my league are putting out stuff right when it’s done. It takes time to reflect on your work and be sure it’s the best that you create. I usually end up tossing 90% of my projects in the recycle bin.

Quality over quantity.

  1. What’s next for Andrew Void? 

Most of my tracks have been licensed for other vocalists to release. However, I’m holding onto a few and compiling an album. There is no exact release date or details on that for the public yet. I am still scheduling single releases in the meantime however.


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