Artist Interview – County Fair

A leap into the void with the High Desert based melodic-hardcore band County Fair. No bullshit and no filler, county fair has steadily been releasing music for the past couple seasons and have delighted us today with a further look into their process. Here is the County Fair interview.

1.      Let’s start simple and we’ll ease into the tougher fought questions a little later. How did you guys get your start in music?

We all pretty much started playing instruments at a young age. (Eli) have known Cameron since we were both youngins but when we decided we wanted to start writing songs for a potential project (late 2015) Cameron suggested that we ask a friend of his to play bass. That was how (Eli) met Perrette. After a year or so, we became County Fair. 

2.      How did you guys meet and form County Fair?

Cam and (Eli) Met at a young age playing ice hockey together and became very close. Cameron and Perrette met in their middle school years

3.      Where did the name ‘County Fair’ come from?

One day when we were all hanging out and contemplating a name change from our original band name, we were all blurting out potential names and our friend/my girlfriend, Veronica suggested the name “County Fair” and it kind of just stuck. We were all kind of like “oh shit. That’s pretty tight.”

4.      What other hobbies do you have besides music? Do you think they all work together in helping your music production?

I would say all of us do different things and find our common ground with song writing. I’d say pretty confidently that what we do outside of music, is always helping with new ideas with our music. Whether it’s something one of us is going through, or something that’s going on collectively.

Perrette: Working and going to the movies.

Cameron: Graphic design, Photography/Videography and ice hockey.

Eli: vinyl collecting, Film Photography, Creating Zines, and pop collecting.

5.      What is the song-writing process when creating a new single, ep, album, etc..?

We pretty much get together and just jam a riff that was written prior or just something off the top of our heads. After some tweaking, we usually will have something to work with. Recently we feel like we have been hitting our stride with writing this way. It’s interesting because we used to write separately and THEN get together and present the idea we had then work on it. 

6.      What is your guys’ favorite song off of “A Train Nearby”?

I think we have to say that our favorite is  “I’m sorry! Help me!” just because of the back story. 

We were on a tour with our friends in Dream Haze and Poor Timing and after a night of partying, Perrette fell into a farming aqueduct and the first thing he said as he started to float away was “I’m sorry! help me!”

7.      How many square inches of pizza are eaten in the U.S. alone in one year?

Imma be real witchu, chief. We don’t know. But Perrette literally inhales pizza. He was just at the pizza factory buffet today. 

8.      Do you think you could do anything to improve from your previous project to your next? And if so, what would you do?

I would say that “A Train Nearby” helped us to mature a lot as young musicians. It was our first real piece of music and the experience we had with writing it and recording it was life changing for us. We plan to take what we’ve learned and pour it into our next album. We’ve started writing it as of this year. A lot of growth has been made since we’ve started and we are excited to share it. 

9.      Any upcoming music or shows in the near future?

YES LOTS! We are heading out on a Pacific Northwest tour with our buddies in Lakuna, at the end of March and into April. As well as various shows all throughout So-Cal/Nor-Cal. We are also planning a bigger tour for fall of this year but nothing is official yet. 

We’ll also hopefully begin recording our next album in May. So, keep an eye out for that.

10.  Any last words for your fans?

Have you guys ever seen Brad Pitt in “Twelve Monkeys”?