Artist Interview – Reclaim

Emerging out of the ever-growing music scene in the High Desert, Reclaim has managed to pave their own hardcore sound in a primarily indie and alternative scene. With new music always being released and some of the liveliest shows that have brought out a whole slew of different people, who exactly are Reclaim? We got the band in today to talk about their origins, influences, and what’s coming up next for this group of musicians.

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  1. Would you like to introduce yourselves?

Reclaim is made up of:

Garrett Gant (24, vocalist)

Brad Racine (20, drummer)

Robert Cordova (23, bassist)

Cesar Marquez (20, guitarist)

We all live in the High Desert, CA

  1. How and when did the band get together? How did everyone meet each other and form the band?

(Garrett) met Brad and Cesar at a show at the Apple Valley Inn when they were playing as a band called Anti-Socialite. (Garrett) saw that Cesar was wearing a Turnstile shirt and I really dug the Anti-Socialite set so (Garrett) asked if he would be down for a hardcore side project. After the show, we exchanged numbers and then we all met up later that month for the first practice at Brad’s house. Everything seemed to click with those dudes! Robert is the newest member of Reclaim and he has known Cesar and Brad since high school where I just know the dudes from the local scene. 

  1. How would you describe your personal sound?

Reclaim’s sound is hardcore but we throw different flavors into the mix.  We like to collaborate and do our best to make the tunes as ill as possible.

  1. Overtime bands may have started with a specific genre, but slowly change over time. What would you say is the evolution of your style between when you first started, to the current sound, and then moving forward?

Our sound has definitely matured over time. We’ve been a band for a little over a year now and as a band we go for writing and making each song better than before. At the beginning our sound was a lot more slow and drawn out. While now with the newer sound, we tend to be more aggressive, and include more surprises, and 2-steps.

  1. What musical inspirations did you draw from when creating your music?

Our influences only the .00001%:

Stick To Your Guns, Ceremony, Nothing, My Bloody Valentine, Icebag Injury, Leashes, The Licks, Turnover, Blank Banshee, Cattle Decapitation, Pissgrave, Lana Del Rey, Murder Death Kill, Burning the Masses, Chamber, Jukai, Knocked Loose, Underoath, Slowdive, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Blistered, Fence Cutter, Drug Church, Touche Amore, Oceano, Whitechapel, Franz Liszt, First Degree, Control, Wise, Shred Bundy, Merauder, Balance and Composer, Seahaven, Cel Damage, Vamachara, Moral Theory, Head To Wall, Drain, Crucial Measures, In the Midst of Lions, Impending Doom, Sovereign Strength, For the Fallen Dreams, Winds of Plague, As Blood Runs Black, Bring Me the Horizon, Born of Osiris, The Devil Wears Prada, Foghat, Laid 2 Rest, Prayer For Cleansing, Ecostrike, Mindforce, Counterparts, Noble Bones, Title Fight, Basement, Jesus Piece, Promise of Restoration, Sleeping Giant, Dream Haze, Citysick, The Apollo Era, Narrowed, Twitching Tongues, Gulch, Judiciary, Armin van Buuren, Diztort, System of a Down, War of Ages, Fight Fair, Have Heart, Free, Fiddlehead, Jon Simmons, Forced Order, Harness, True Love, Code Orange, Surfing, Full of Hell, and Hundredth

That’s it.

  1. What is your songwriting process like? Does the entire band write together, or does one specific person write a majority of the songs?

Brad and Cesar will write the guitar and drums sections while Robert will throw ideas for bass. Later we then all collaboratively work on the lyrics for the project.

  1. Were there any struggles or challenges that you’ve had to overcome as a band?

We all have the same intent with music so we never really butt heads as a band. All of ideas have worked out and we just love playing shows!

  1. What is your favorite venue or show that you’ve played?

Our favorite venue Reclaim has played at is Bridgetown DIY in La Puente, CA. The scene there is super cool, the crowd is always rowdy, and it reminds me of the early days when we started going to shows with the entire crowd killing and hate moshing.

  1. Any upcoming shows in the near future?

We have two shows coming up in January. One is in the High Desert and the other one is San Bernardino, CA at this spot called The Void. Then in February we are booking something special with another band so you have to keep your eyes peeled.

  1. Where can people listen to your music and support you guys?

You can listen to us anywhere! Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, Napster, etc. Come out to the shows because they’re usually hecka stimulating.

  1. Lastly, what’s next for the band?

Release more music and travel!