Artist Interview – The Licks

photo courtesy of Cisco ’72

The Licks are an upcoming band based out of Southern California that has been making a name for themselves out in the music circuit. They’ve consistently been traveling up and down the west-coast putting on shows weekly for what seems like the past year or two. Through all of this they also released their debut EP titled “How Much More?” They’ve also amassed millions of streams cross-platform and show no sure sign of slowing down any time soon. Today they are here to answer a couple questions and get a little personal with us.

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  1. To start off. Would you like to introduce everyone and talk about how all of you met?

Well I’m Chad and I play the guitar and sing occasionally. This is Thomas, he plays drums pretty well. The man with the best rockstar name in the band is Jimmy Rogers and he plays the bass. Paul plays guitar and the occasional tambourine. Chandler plays the piano, guitar, tambourine, and has some killer vocals.

As far as how we all met, (Chad) was in a band with Paul and Jimmy in high school. I met Chandler my freshman year through drama class. Chandler and Jimmy knew each other for a while, since… elementary school I think. Thomas actually met everyone through church. We had a mutual friend named Seth that ended up going to the same church that Thomas went to, and eventually met Chandler. Then later he met everyone else who would end up making up the band.

  1. Many people within bands often play multiple roles both in relation to music production and outside of the process itself. I know that Thomas used to run the social media accounts before, but that torch has since been passed on to Chandler. What roles does everyone have inside the band?

One of the biggest things right now that we do besides actual music production is driving out to shows, and everyone takes turns driving our soccer mom minivan around with the exception of Chad. Our social medias are also run by everyone in the band. Chad mostly runs our twitter page, and Chandler takes control of our Instagram and makes sure everything looks all good and spiffy. For merchandising, Thomas handles most of that workload and ships everything out, so if you didn’t get anything shipped out go complain to him. Thomas also runs the bank account and finances for the band. Jimmy usually runs our demo tapes. Everyone has something to do, but generally most things are spread out across the guys.

  1. How and when did The Licks come to be?

(Thomas) and Chad were honestly just messing around and somehow Lavender Kiss came out of that. Chad would just play the guitar and (Thomas) would be playing the air drums. Chad had just gone through a breakup and both of us were just starting college. We were all going through pretty transitional times in our lives and were able to take how we felt and somehow make music that other people enjoyed. Everyone else slowly came into the band and that’s how “The Licks” were formed.

  1. Let’s talk about your name choice for a little bit. How did “The Licks” come to be?

We were honestly just brainstorming and thinking about ideas and musical terms. We thought of “The Licks” because it had its double meaning and we honestly just thought that it was cool. Thomas’ sister later drew the cone and then we had a band name.

  1. These days it seems that everyone is going to certain extremes to attempt to be different. I feel that your sound came in naturally and has seamlessly progressed over the time that you guys have been a band. How would you describe your particular sound and direction moving forward?

We just like enjoying ourselves and making everything really emotional when it doesn’t have to be. It’s weird. We’re weird. That’s exactly how we like it. We make our music based on our emotions and whatever it is that we’re going through at the time. “The Licks” for all of us has become an outlet and has been something that we can be free and whoever we want to be.

Growing up a lot of us came from different background, musically speaking. The one genre that we all agreed on was Rock and Indie Rock. Having everyone’s likes and interests, especially in different genres of music helped to make our own sound. We just drew elements that we liked from each of our music tastes and put them all into our music.

  1. What influences did you guys have growing up? Either in relation to music, I know that at your shows covers of Stevie Wonder are in pretty common occurrence, but also outside of music and just on your life.

(Jimmy) took a lot of inspiration from his brother growing up. (Thomas’) dad played a lot of Police, Queen, and Jazz that kind of molded my music taste. During road trips and car rides when (Chad) was little my mom played a lot of music from a wide array of genres that ended up shaping what I listen to and what I produce these days.

  1. Up to this date what you have to say your favorite song or project that you released is?

We all seem to really like Bailee, and Rip, and Monday, and You Too, and Birdhouse… oh and Chad likes Difficulties cause it’s a bit shit.

  1. Your live shows are always very energetic and everyone seems to works extremely well together. As a band, do you have any pre-show rituals to get ready for a performance?

I think we used to pray before shows maybe once or twice. That’s honestly about it. We really just get pulled up to stage and try to get our set list ready while we’re going up. Usually we end up trying to get our set figured out while we’re on stage though.

  1. Are there any pre-show jitters or nervousness before going up?

(Jimmy’s) always nervous before any show, and (Chad) is never nervous anymore. (Thomas) used to get nervous right before shows but after a while it just became turned into being excited. It also really depends on how many people are going to be there looking at us and who is in the crowd. If it’s just a bunch of strangers then we don’t really get too nervous, but if we have friends or family in the crowd then we usually get a little more anxious. We do have all of our families coming to our next big show in Los Angeles at the Troubadour, so that should be a fun show.

  1. Do you have any embarrassing stories from your live shows?

This one time (Jimmy) fell into the crowd. That was pretty funny. Paul had a part in RIP where it was only him playing and he started on the wrong string so the entire section of the song was out of tune. Chandler played bass during a song but the entire thing was out of tune and the entire song sounded off. Chad was playing drums during this one punk set and someone came up to him with a footlong joint and held it up to his mouth. He tried backing away but ended up getting ridiculously high during that set.

  1. You guys have a very active and loyal group of fans that always pack out your shows. Got any good groupie or fan interaction stories?

Paul has too many groupie stories to tell. But after a show in Moreno Valley a girl in a wheelchair and a guy from the UK came up to us and told us that this was her Make-a-Wish to come to United States. They then dipped out really quickly. Another time Thomas signed some drumsticks and Chad signed a guitar. Oh, and someone drove out to one of our shows from Nevada. That was pretty cool. There was also this really sweet story when someone from Mexico had Dm’d us on Instagram about how much they enjoyed our music, but it was all in Spanish. We had our friend Deb to translate it for us, and we ended up talking back and forth with each other in Spanish. That was a really nice experience for us that made us realize that there are people outside of our general area that listen to what we put out.

  1. Lastly, what is next for The Licks?

We’re probably going to head out to Denny’s after this. We also have a single coming out later this year and a 3 – 4 track EP in early 2019. We’re going to be releasing an album in late 2019. This is probably going to kickstart our tour around Russia and the Arctic Circle. Oh, and we play the Troubadour on December 15. Come through.

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