Still In Progress by Romain Bagnard

These photos, taken from Romain Bagnard’s work still in progress, form as time passes a photographic corpus which keeps on being enriched and expanded. It isn’t a series as such as no final deadline has been set for it. Each new picture brings one more piece to the jigsaw puzzle. Patterns, forms or recurring obsessions are part and parcel of his work. Traces and Marks first and foremost.Then Matter, whether organic or not. And light which gives new relief to the apparent darkness of each of its elements. Thanks to closed-in, focused framing, what has been selected to be photographed is isolated from his immediate surroundings. Each photograph is a world per se. The juxtaposition of these different worlds contributes to creating a whole which goes beyond their own limits and are more pieces to be added to the rest. Worming out one’s way under the surface of common everyday things is a way to expose their hidden beauty.

Instagram: @romain_bagnard